©2007 Crandall

I’m learning to swim again
Navigating the underworld
Big fish, small life

I feel lighter, can finally breathe
Jet streams write mute symphonies
Arhythmic, sublime

I don’t want to hear everybody say
You swim away from your troubles
That gills and fins are no substitutes
For lungs and air and surfaces

I’m overwhelmed by humidity
Heaviness bearing down on me
My own special gravity

I’m a slave to geography
Can’t see what’s controlling me
But the roots run deep

And I don’t want to hear everybody say
You’ve turned away from your promise
You’re lost, you can’t follow the map
You walk away from the obvious
ways . . .

To spread your wings and fly
Spread your wings and fly
Into the bright, clear sky

But I’m no insect, no butterfly larvae
I’m a lungfish or some bottom feeder
Bad character who prefers the dim light
To the harsh glare and hard surfaces
Maps and clocks and directions
Mathematical, tried and true methods
Zip locked and marketed, anti-
Bacterial, airbrushed and polished
Cleaner than clean can be clean
Shiny lovely

’Til daylight
’Til daylight
’Til daylight

Puts an end to night
Puts an end to night

I’ll take my bow and dive
Take my bow and dive
Into the deep divine