©2007 Crandall

I said goodbye to nothing
I can’t take it anymore
To have you waiting for me
When I don’t give a damn

So, you’ve given up hope
So, I wasted your time

Days like this
You’re feelin’ cold as hell
Days like this
Slow motion, slow to fade

You’re dessicated
You still fear the water, still fear the air
You can’t stand the surface
But you can’t swim these depths

Slow, so slow to move
So, you won’t save yourself

I know you’re out there
Caught in a trap
You won’t let go

But I won’t watch the days pass me by
I won’t dry up
No, I won’t fade
I won’t let the will in me die

Days like this
They’re like a slow suicide
Days like this
Will eat you alive
Days like this
Will cut you with cold steel
Days like this
Slow motion, slow to fade