A montage video from Swallows 2009 album Dissonant Creatures with cellist/composer Aaron Kerr, which makes this essentially a Swallows’ album under a different name. Aaron, Swallows’ bassist/cellist is a gifted composer who has since renamed his instrumental ensemble Dissonant Creatures. Dissonant Creatures (the band) features several Swallows, including Justin DeLeon (drums), Mike Nordby (mandolin/percussion), Jeff Crandall (guitar, piano) and former Swallow Toni Tinetti (cello).

The 2009 album, which included “Prime Numbers” featured arrangements and performances by Swallows’ Tyson Allison (bass, keys, drums, percussion, marimba, effects) and Jeff Crandall (guitar, bass, vocals, percussion, effects) that complimented Aaron’s cello and piano pieces, which formed the core of the album.

Aaron has Dissonant Creatures (the band) practicing new material regularly and will begin performing again with the group sometime in 2013.