Strippers release postcard 2 – band collage (2008)


A collage of most of the players on “Songs for Strippers (and other professions)” plus the core of the new Swallows line-up. Thinland alums Patrick Hennessey (drums) and Jason Fritts (bass), who played on both Thinland’s Tracing the Cracks and Songs for Strippers, are both pictured. Pat and Jason left the band in early 2008 as the final touches were being made on the album and as the band name Thinland was retired and Swallows came into being.

Leigh Gregory, who played lead guitar on Tracing the Cracks and Songs for Strippers and who also makes an appearance on the song “Witching & Divining” on the new album is also pictured. Leigh, who was the front man for Mellow Drunk in the 2000s and is currently fronting White Sails, recorded his parts at sessions here in Minnesota and at Smoke and Mirrors productions in San Francisco.

New Swallows include Frank Spencer (guitar) and Tyson Allison (drums/percussion). Frank eventually left Swallows in 2010 and Tyson moved from drums to guitar, keys, etc. when drummer Ben Steen joined the band in 2010. As always, long-timers Jeff and Aaron are pictured.

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