“Deep in the Waves” radio campaign heating up

The radio campaign for J. Briozo’s “Deep in the Waves” is starting to roll. In the first few weeks, the album has charted in the top 30 on seven reporting stations and in the top 10 on five stations. The list of stations playing the album has been growing over the past two weeks and we’re hoping that more stations will get on board and give the album some air time. The album is currently being heard all over the country, including on stations in Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Dallas, St. Louis, Phoenix, Denver, Las Vegas, Cincinnati, Staten Island, Portland, Buffalo, San Antonio, Sacramento, St. Cloud (MN), San Jose, Shreveport, Moorhead (MN), Fort Collins, Tucson, Olympia and many more.

Many thanks to all of the college and public radio stations that have supported the album so far and to Tinderbox Music in Minneapolis for all of their help with radio and publicity!

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