Swallows – “Ultraviolet” single and video now available

The latest single from Swallows’ new album In the Shadow of the Seven Stars is now available from Emperor Penguin Records on Bandcamp.com and on Apple Music.

Listen to the new “Ultraviolet” single:

The video for the new single premiered on the Mostly Minnesota Music Blog on February 13, 2021, 130 years to the day from Frances Coles’ tragic murder.

View the Mostly Minnesota premiere and video review

Watch the new “Ultraviolet” video:

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About the song “Ultraviolet”

Each song on In the Shadow of the Seven Stars presents a scene from the larger story of the murder of Frances Coles on Friday, February 13, 1891, and its aftermath, including the haunting and mental breakdown of the only witness to the murder, Albert Charles Beardsley, who is compelled by the ghost of Frances Coles to avenge her murder by killing the perpetrator.

In the song “Ultraviolet,” Albert is visited by Frances’ ghost in the middle of the night. She is drawn to Albert by the depths of his guilt and shame for not intervening to save her from a man whom Albert believes to be Jack the Ripper. She offers Albert a kind of salvation in exchange for his cooperation in her plot to seek revenge; however, to ensure that her new co-conspirator will carry out her desires, the ghost takes temporary possession of Albert’s soul, which is to be returned when he fulfills their Faustian bargain.

For his part, Albert is tormented by the idea of pursuing the Ripper, knowing that he may well be killed in the process. His guilt over Frances’ murder is compounded by his prior relationship to the victim and his own role in leading her to a life of prostitution in the slums of Whitechapel and Spitalfields. He feels psychologically trapped, both by spirits he can now perceive around him and by an epic battle for self-preservation that is now being waged in his quickly deteriorating mind. He believes that his only way forward is to end, once and for all, the career of the notorious serial killer.

The following are the date, location and scene for the events that transpire in the song:

DATE: Tuesday, March 3, 1891

LOCATION: Walworth, London Borough of Southwark

SCENE: The ghost of Frances Coles visits the witness in a dream in the middle of the night. Overcome with guilt and fear for not having saved her life, he agrees to avenge her murder, fully realizing that he may meet his end as he pursues her killer. By submitting to the spirit’s demonic desires, he agrees to surrender his soul to her as proof of his fealty to her desperate cause. In the morning, he wakes to find a contract detailing their witching-hour agreement signed in his own blood.

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About the “Ultraviolet” video

The video for “Ultraviolet” places the action from the song in a more modern context, using scenes from Hugo R. Ramirez’s short animated film “The Chase in the Ghost Train” along with silent movie footage from the 1920 film “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” and the 1923 film “The Man Without Desire.” The video portrays the mental breakdown of a man who is haunted both metaphorically and literally by his own actions and their consequences.

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