New Video for Swallows’ 2010 Song “The Ballad of Charon”

This is a new music video for the song “Ballad of Charon,” which Swallows released in 2010 on our Clear Sky Relapse EP. This song was written as a part of a larger project called Covert Transmissions to the Elementals. Songs from the Covert Transmissions project have been released on at least three different records, including Clear Sky Relapse (2010), Witching and Divining (2012) and J. Briozo’s Deep in the Waves (2017).

Official Music Video for Swallows’ 2010 song “The Ballad of Charon” from the EP Clear Sky Relapse.


The “Ballad of Charon” takes its name from Greek mythology. Charon is the ferryman of Hades who carries the souls of the newly deceased across the river Acheron (or in some accounts, the river Styx) that divided the world of the living from the world of the dead. In the song, Charon despairs of his fate, wishing to join with the living rather than forever guide the dead into the afterlife. But, in the end, he resigns himself to the cards he’s been dealt and the role he’s been assigned.

The short film used with this piece is called “Loss,” which was filmed and animated by Michael Pisano. “Loss” is a great fit for this song because it captures both the humanity and the mythological aspects of the lyrics. This is very much a piece about feeling stuck in a life you didn’t choose and rebelling against that fate; it is also about the ultimate loneliness of being when everything else is stripped away from you.

The scenes from “Loss” by Michael Pisano are licensed under the CC By license.

Swallows are currently working to record several of the other unreleased songs from the Covert Transmissions period. We hope to release those songs under the original album name.

The “Ballad of Charon” is available on the Clear Sky Relapse EP on

Aaron Kerr – Cello
Jeff Crandall – Piano, Vocals

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