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Photos: Unofficial Promo Photo (2011)

Photo of Swallows in the First Avenue men’s room that a few venues have used for Swallows promotions. Cellist Toni Tinetti probably wasn’t having one of her proudest moments! We weren’t sure where venues kept finding this shot since we didn’t remember posting it.

Photos: First Avenue 7th Street Entry (2011)

Photos from Swallows August 10, 2011 set at 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis. Other bands on the bill were Jezebel Jones and Her Wicked Ways, Cantankerous Folk and El Le Faunt and His Traveling Circus.

Photos: Cause Spirits and Soundbar, Minneapolis (2012)

Photos from Swallows’ Americana Mondays set on July 9, 2012 at Cause Spirits and Soundbar in Minneapolis. Other acts performing that night were Kivi and Pray and Pleasure Horse.

Photos: Amsterdam Bar and Hall, St. Paul (2012)

Photos from Swallows May 16, 2012 set at Amsterdam Bar and Hall in St. Paul, MN. The other bands on the bill that night were Sarah Morris and Colonization and Steve Sullivan and the Factory.

Photos: Witching & Divining Tour – Louis Bar, Omaha (2012)

Photos from an early evening set at Louis Bar in Omaha, Nebraska, the 4th stop on Swallows’ October 2012 Witching & Divining tour. We got to play a good long set right in the middle of Omaha’s Zombie Walk. We also got some fog on stage and a light show, which was perfect for the…

Photos: Witching & Divining Tour – The Fremont, Des Moines (2012)

Photos from Swallows’ set at The Fremont in Des Moines, Iowa, the third stop on Swallows’ fall 2012 Witching & Divining tour. This was a crazy drunk set – evidenced by Aaron pulling out his wild man hair! The small but appreciative audience bought us shots, we had the whole crowd dancing (even to our…

Photos: Witching & Divining Tour – The Elbo Room, Chicago (2012)

Photos from The Elbo Room in Chicago– the second stop on Swallows’ October 2012 “Witching & Divining” release tour.

Photos: Witching & Divining Tour – Art Bar, Milwaukee (2012)

Photos from the Art Bar in Milwaukee – the first stop on Swallows’ October 2012 “Witching & Divining” release tour.

Photos: First Ave. 7th Street Entry w/ Sallie Ford (2012)

Photos from Swallows opening set for Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside at First Avenue’s 7th Street Entry on May 23, 2012. All photos were taken by photographer Brandie Johnson.

Photos: Appearance on KARE 11 – NBC Television (2010)

One of the early shows Swallows played with new members Justin DeLeon (drums) and Mike Nordby (mandolin/percussion) who both joined Swallows in 2010.

Strippers release postcard 2 – band collage (2008)

A collage of most of the players on “Songs for Strippers (and other professions)” plus the core of the new Swallows line-up. Thinland alums Patrick Hennessey (drums) and Jason Fritts (bass), who played on both Thinland’s Tracing the Cracks and Songs for Strippers, are both pictured. Pat and Jason left the band in early 2008…

Strippers release postcard – band collage (2008)

Early Swallows’ promotions with players from the first album (before we had a full live performance line-up in place): Aaron Kerr, Jeff Crandall, Tyson Allison, Frank Spencer and Leigh Gregory.

Photos: Mid West Music Fest (2013)

Photos from Swallows’ set at Ed’s (No Name) Bar in Winona, Minnesota at the 2013 Mid West Music Fest

Photos: Terminal Bar (2008)

Photos from a couple of early Swallows gigs at the Terminal Bar in Minneapolis in 2008.

Photos: White Horse Saloon (2009-10)

Various photos from Swallows shows at the White Horse Saloon in St. Cloud, MN (2009-2010)

Photos: Station 4 (St. Paul, 2010)

Swallows at the June 2010 Get Your Rock On Music Festival at Station 4 in St. Paul, MN.

Photos: 501 Club (2010)

Shots from May 2010 501 Club gig in Minneapolis with Jezebel Jones and Her Wicked Ways and Beller. This was essentially the first Swallows show with a full band line-up.