About Swallow the Music (STM) and Emperor Penguin Records (EPR)

Swallow the Music and its sister label Emperor Penguin Records represent a small group of solo artists and bands from Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The STM record label and publishing company began in 2008 to support the work of the rock band Swallows, which had recently been formed by members of Minnesota bands Thinland and The Sleeper Pins. Since that time, Swallow the Music and Emperor Penguin Records have released several albums by a variety of artists both strongly and some loosely affiliated with STM label’s original founders. See more about the STM and EPR bands on the Artists page.


Band and Label Management
Tyson Allison
Emperor Penguin Records

Krista Vilinskis
Tinderbox Music
(612) 375-1113

Booking inquiries should be directed to swallows@swallowthemusic.com

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