Justin DeLeon

Justin DeLeon playing drums

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  • Drums, percussion

Band Credits:

  • Active Bands: J. Briozo, Swallows, Aaron Kerr’s Dissonant Creatures
  • Inactive: The Sleeper Pins, Gliss, The Quills, Farewell Pluto, Transona

Album Credits/Discography:


  • In the Shadow of the Seven Stars – Swallows (Production and engineering assistance, 2021)
  • To Combat Loneliness: Musical compositions based on the literary works of David Foster Wallace by Tyson Allison and Aaron Kerr (Recording engineer, mixing, 2019)
  • Deep in the Waves – J. Briozo (production, mixing, and engineering assistance)
  • In the Shadow of the Seven Stars – Swallows (production, mixing and engineering assistance)
  • Witching & Divining – Swallows (Mixing assistance, 2012)
  • October – Heavy Pedal Cello (Recording engineer, 2011)
  • Keep It Coming Like a Miracle – The Sleeper Pins (Recording engineer, 2008)
  • The Sleeper Pins – The Sleeper Pins (Recording engineer, 2004)