(LMNOP) review of “Deep in the Waves”

J. Briozo - Deep in the Waves album cover

Review by LMNOP aka dONW7 (LMNOP)
Chattanooga, Tennessee

“J. Briozo is the recently-formed side project created by Jeff Crandall who is the lead singer in the band Swallows. During the recording of the third Swallows album (Shadows of the Seven Stars), Crandall began recording this album in a different studio…eventually inviting his fellow band members to lend their talents as well. This is not your average flash-in-the-pan side project. Deep In The Waves is a fully realized creation with songs and sound that can easily compete with anything being released by major labels. The songs are moody and melodic…and they feature dreamy arrangements that really push them to another level. Crandall has a great voice that’s perfectly suited for the style of songs he writes. Backing Jeff on these tracks are Aaron Kerr, Brett Hanson, Justin DeLeon, and Tyson Allison (plus a few additional guest musicians). Smart resilient tracks include ‘Blind,’ ‘Spinning Out,’ ‘Firefly,’ and ‘Sun Sun True.’”

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