Le Cri Du Coyote Review of “Deep in the Waves”

J. Briozo - Deep in the Waves album cover

Le Cri Du Coyote: Americana Music Review (France)
Review by Jean-Pierre Humbert
Le Cri Du Coyote
Originally published July 2018

Deep In The Waves is the work of J. BRIOZO, aka Jeff Crandall, of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Leader of the band Swallows, he released a selection of songs that cover a pretty phenomenal terrain, from heavy rock (‘Spinning Out’, very Beatles) to the light soul-funk of Steely Dan (‘Catalonia’), passing through folk with strings (‘Rain Song’) and a multi-colored répertoire in cinémascope (‘Sun Sun True’). In short, no taboos, a coppery and athletic voice, an undeniable know-how, holding: this Jeff knows where he’s going and does not ask his way from anyone.”

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