Lyrics – Round About Me

From Swallows’ In the Shadow of the Seven Stars

Round About Me

DATE: Thursday, August 13, 1891
LOCATION: St. Francis Hotel
The Barbary Coast, San Francisco, California

Over the mountains
Over the sea
Calling my name
Following me

Long have I traveled
Long have I run
Your voice around me
This journey is done

Now I hear you
Round about me

All of the darkness
All of the gloom
Now you appear
Here in this room

Floating beside me
You hold out your hand
I see you need me
I understand

Now I see you
Round about me

Over the Mountains
Over the sea
I saw you dying
Calling for me

Balancing carefully
Hand on the wall
Pull the rope tightly
Slowly I fall

Now I hear you
Now I see you
Now I feel you
Now I want you

Round about me
Round about me
Round about me
Round about me

© 2013 Kerr

Aaron Kerr – Cello
Ben Valine – Viola
Jeff Crandall – Vocals, Piano, Organs, Electric Guitar
Toni Tinetti – Vocals

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