Venues Played by Swallows

Swallows have performed at the following venues


Basementstormers at Codfish Hollow, Maquoketa
10/27/12: w/ Danger Ronnie and the Spins

The Picador, Iowa City
7/29/09: w/ Aaron Kerr’s Dissonant Creatures, The Sleeper Pins

The Fremont, Des Moines
10/12/12: w/ Scott Lemon


The Elbo Room, Chicago
10/11/12: w/ Titus Rodes Band, Jacob Jeffries Band
10/9/11: w/ Yellow Jacket, Mama Dempsey, Dr. Dolphin

The Mutiny, Chicago
10/4/14: w/ Van Morphine, The Fuckers, IHATEPEOPLE, and Dakota


The Acadia Cafe, Minneapolis
3/11/22: w/ Bryan Miller, Aaron Kerr
10/14/11: w/ Midwest Paul Cook, The Sleeper Pins, Aaron Kerr’s Dissonant Creatures
8/27/11: w/ SoundRabbit, Jezebel Jones
5/14/11: w/ Erik Brandt, Jezebel Jones & Her Wicked Ways, The Intangibles
7/27/09: w/ The Sleeper Pins
5/5/09: w/ Go Kart Mozart, The Sleeper Pins
2/19/09: w/ Poor Nobodys, Paxton Boys, Colin Monette

The Amsterdam Bar and Hall, St. Paul
8/16/15: w/ David Ullman & The Furious Light, Midland Uprising
3/11/14: w/ Katy Vernon Band, Sarah Morris
1/30/14: w/ Michael Ray and the Nasty Notes, Elliot and the Sensitive Fellas
9/12/13: w/ Brute Heart, Vonnie Kyle, Yam Cannon
10/20/12: w/ Venus DeMars, Jezebel Jones & Her Wicked Ways, Megonia
5/16/12: w/ Sarah Morris and Colonization, Steve Sullivan and the Factory

Arts on LaFond, St. Paul
3/19/21: Live stream

The Auk’s Roost, Minneapolis
2/9/19: w/ Mumblin’ Drew, Streetlight Arbors, Marissa McCool
7/5/18: w/ Pharma Bums, Tom Jolu, Second Suitor
5/29/17: w/ Apes of the State, Eric Funn
10/13/17: w/ Paul Fonfara (Painted Saints), Mississippi Jake, Rob the Bagman

Beaner’s Central, Duluth
2/23/13: w/ Mary Bue, Katy Vernon

Black Dog Coffee and Wine Bar, St. Paul
11/7/21: w/ Aaron Kerr’s Dissonant Creatures, Sonoglyph, Single Cell, Heavy Pedal Cello, Todd Harper, JazZen

BreastFest benefit for breast cancer awareness, Corcoran, MN

Broken World Records, Winona
3/7/15, 12/6/14, 6/22/13, 10/5/13, 2/23/13

Cause Spirits and Soundbar, Minneapolis
7/9/12: w/ Kivi and Pray, Pleasure Horse
4/30/12: w/ Caitlin Robertson, Tree Party

Club Underground, Minneapolis
4/21/11: w/ The Magnolias
9/10/10: w/ Morosity, Between Two Skies

Contented Cow, Northfield

Corner Coffee, Minneapolis
6/15/12: w/ Emily Villano, Witherspoon

Coffee Grounds, Roseville
11/18/11: w/ Aaron Kerr’s Dissonant Creatures, Heavy Pedal Cello, JazZen, The Sleeper Pins

Driftwood Char Bar, Minneapolis
3/3/22: w/ Lolo’s Ghost
12/16/21: w/ Lolo’s Ghost
9/21/15: w/ Lion’s Mouth, Homebrew
11/9/13: w/ Bloom, Popshot, Bear the Sound
3/30/12: w/ Panda Soup

Dunn Bros., Citywalk
5/9/09, 3/14/09

Eagles 34, Minneapolis
5/26/17: w/ Sarah Streitz, Charlie Doesn’t Surf

Ed’s (No Name) Bar, Winona
4/20/13: Midwest Music Festival

Eclipse Records, St. Paul
9/26/08: w/ Semiconductor Orchestra, The Sleeper Pins

Fine Line Music Cafe, Minneapolis
8/21/10: w/ Boiled in Lead, Jezebel

First Avenue – 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis
7/30/12: w/ Midtown Dickens
5/23/12: w/ Sally Ford & The Sound Outside
8/10/11: w/ Jezebel Jones, Cantankerous Folk, El Le Faunt & His Traveling Circus

The 400 Bar, Minneapolis
10/23/08: w/ Union Shakedown

The 501 Club, Minneapolis
3/12/10: w/ Beller, Jezebel Jones & Her Wicked Ways

Harriet Brewing’s Tap Room, Minneapolis
10/23/15: J. Briozo
9/26/15: Rauchfest V
9/18/15: w/ Goodbye Sun, JW Schuller
8/30/14: w/ James Loney’s Lolo’s Ghost, Sonic Bouquet, Elizabeth Ghandour
4/12/14: w/ Michael Ray and the Nasty Notes, Mad Margaret

Hymie’s Vintage Records, St. Paul

KARE 11 TV – Showcase Minnesota program, Minneapolis

KFAI Ultimate Contact Show, Minneapolis

KFAI – Live from Studio 5!
8/26/15: w/ Jezebel Jones, Blood Brother (Philip Westfall)

KVSC Radio/UTVS TV – Monday Night Live, St. Cloud

Lee’s Liquor Lounge, Minneapolis
2/20/14: w/ Michael Ray and the Nasty Notes (album release), Mad Margaret

Mayslacks, Minneapolis
6/20/15: No other acts

Mad Ripple Hootenanny @ Harriet Brewing’s Tap Room, Minneapolis
7/16/15: w/Jim Walsh, Jeaneen Gauthier, Brian Drake, The Frye (Joe Tougas and Ann Rosenquist Fee)
5/29/14: w/Jim Walsh, Erik W. Koskinen, Ashleigh Still, Jeff Crandall, and Miss Becky Kapell

The Nicollet, Minneapolis
8/21/14: w/ David Ullman

Nomad World Pub, Minneapolis
8/23/15: w/ Jezebel Jones, Philip Westfall (Blood Brother)

Minnesota BreastFest
9/10/11: w/ Danger Ronnie, Savannah Smith, Love Out Loud
9/7/13: w/ Rocket Club, Herman Jones, Free and Easy, Preston Gunderson
9/6/14: w/ Preston Gunderson, Black River Revue, Moose Knuckle Bros., Free and Easy
9/18/15 w/ James Loney’s Lolo’s Ghost, The Not Guilty Band, Chris Hawkey

Palmer’s Bar, Minneapolis
11/7/12: w/ 50 Foot Canoe

PBS Backroads Program, Rail River Folk School, Bemidji

The PourHouse, Minneapolis
11/7/12: w/ Kevin Bowe, The Silver City Millers, John Kargol

Red Barn Sessions, Forest Lake
8/20/13: Red Barn Hootenanny
8/9/14: w/ Ian and Randy Gildersleeve
8/23/14: Red Barn Hootenanny

Redstar Lounge, Duluth
1/31/14: w/ American Rebels

Reverie Cafe + Bar, Minneapolis
5/10/17: w/ Jezebel Jones, The April Fools

Saint Paul Winter Carnival
1/23/15: Rice Park Stage
1/24/14: Rice Park Stage

Station 4, St. Paul
2010: Get Your Rock On Music Festival

Stone Arch Bridge Festival, Minneapolis
6/20/15: Star Tribune Stage
6/14/14: Star Tribune Stage

331 Club, Minneapolis
9/29/16: w/ Beneath the Crow
5/7/15: w/ Megonia

The Tavern, Northfield
10/31/14: w/ Michael Ray & The Nasty Notes

The Terminal Bar, Minneapolis
3/13/10: w/ The Sleeper Pins, The Straight Shots
8/1/08: w/ Wallace Wylie, Swimmer

Triple Rock Social Club, Minneapolis
8/9/12: w/ The Kopecky Family Band

Turf Club, St. Paul
3/19/18: w/ Shawn James
7/27/17: w/ Slim Cessna’s Auto Club
12/4/12: w/ Mary Bue, Nikki Becker

Underground Music Cafe
10/14/18: w/ Layers&Layers, Teach Me Equals

Whiskey Junction, Minneapolis
9/24/17: w/ Lolo’s Ghost
12/10/17: w/ Jezebel Jones, Counterfeit Democracy

The White Horse Saloon, St. Cloud
10/16/10: w/ Jezebel Jones, The Sleeper Pins
7/30/09: w/ The Sleeper Pins

Wild Tymes Palace Stage, St. Paul
3/30/12: w/ Steve Sullivan & The Factory, Domestic House Cats
10/28/11: w/ Gaia Groove, Bruce McLaughlin, Climbing Trees
6/24/11: w/ Jezebel Jones, Megonia, Paladin Road
3/4/11: w/ Tanya Brody, The Dregs
12/18/10: w/ Poosa, Jezebel Jones & Jenny Cases, Snaps, James Loney
10/22/10: w/ Bob Nordquist & The Intangibles, Wild Bill and the Arkanauts


The Record Bar
7/28/09: Aaron Kerr’s Dissonant Creatures


Louis Bar, Omaha
10/2/13: w/ One Eye White, Full Service
10/13/12: 5th Annual Zombie Walk

Mick’s, Omaha

South Dakota

Latitude 44, Sioux Falls
10/4/13: w/ Condor, Doktor Barkey


Acoustic Cafe, Menomonie

The Art Bar, Milwaukee
10/10/12: w/ The Sleeper Pins
10/8/11: w/ The Sleeper Pins

Bremen Cafe, Milwaukee
7/29/11: w/ The Sleeper Pins
5/9/11: w/ The Sleeper Pins

Best Buy, Milwaukee

Carolyn’s Coffee Connection, Kenosha

The Down & Over Pub, Milwaukee
3/29/14: Battle of the Bands

Fire on Water, Milwaukee
10/12/18: w/ Layers&Layers, Dear Karma

The Frequency, Madison
7/26/09: The Sleeper Pins, Aaron Kerr’s Dissonant Creatures

Igloo Black, Milwaukee
8/20/16: Tyson Allison, Jezebel Jones
11/7/15: Tyson Allison, Nathan Honore
6/6/15: Tyson Allison, Vein Rays

McAuliffe’s On the Square, Racine
7/30/11: w/ The Sleeper Pins
10/15/10: w/ The Sleeper Pins

Paulie’s Pub, Milwaukee
10/13/18: w/ Matt Davies, Wise Jennings

Route 20 Roadhouse, Sturtevant
10/3/14: w/ Old Brown Shoes, Saturday Night Preachers, Matt and Betsy

Saloon on Calhoun, Milwaukee
10/11/18: Amplified artist sessions

Up and Under Pub
9/29/13: w/ Lisa Ridgely and The Fainting Room, WORK, Stone Soul Foundation

Yardarm, Racine
9/3/11: w/ The Sleeper Pins

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