Venues & Radio

Swallows have performed at the following venues around the Midwest.


Basementstormers at Codfish Hollow, Maquoketa 10/27/12: w/ Danger Ronnie and the Spins The Picador, Iowa City 7/29/09: w/ Aaron Kerr’s Dissonant Creatures, The Sleeper Pins The Fremont, Des Moines 10/4/13 10/12/12: w/ Scott Lemon


The Elbo Room, Chicago 10/11/12: w/ Titus Rodes Band, Jacob Jeffries Band 10/9/11: w/ Yellow Jacket, Mama Dempsey, Dr. Dolphin The Mutiny, Chicago 10/4/14: w/ Van Morphine, The Fuckers, IHATEPEOPLE, and Dakota


The Acadia Cafe, Minneapolis 10/14/11: w/ Midwest Paul Cook, The Sleeper Pins, Aaron Kerr’s Dissonant Creatures 8/27/11: w/ SoundRabbit, Jezebel Jones 5/14/11: w/ Erik Brandt, Jezebel Jones & Her Wicked Ways, The Intangibles 7/27/09: w/ The Sleeper Pins 5/5/09: w/ Go Kart Mozart, The Sleeper Pins 2/19/09: w/ Poor Nobodys, Paxton Boys, Colin Monette The Amsterdam Bar and Hall, St. Paul 8/16/15: w/ David Ullman & The Furious Light, Midland Uprising 3/11/14: w/ Katy Vernon Band, Sarah Morris 1/30/14: w/ Michael Ray and the Nasty Notes, Elliot and the Sensitive Fellas 9/12/13: w/ Brute Heart, Vonnie Kyle, Yam Cannon 10/20/12: w/ Venus DeMars, Jezebel Jones & Her Wicked Ways, Megonia 5/16/12: w/ Sarah Morris and Colonization, Steve Sullivan and the Factory The Auk’s Roost, Minneapolis 5/29/17: w/ Apes of the State, Eric Funn 10/13/17: w/ Paul Fonfara (Painted Saints), Mississippi Jake, Rob the Bagman 7/5/18: w/ Pharma Bums, Tom Jolu, Second Suitor 2/9/19: w/ Mumblin’ Drew, Streetlight Arbors, Marissa McCool Beaner’s Central, Duluth 2/23/13: w/ Mary Bue, Katy Vernon BreastFest benefit for breast cancer awareness, Corcoran, MN 2011-2016 Broken World Records, Winona 3/7/15, 12/6/14, 6/22/13, 10/5/13, 2/23/13 Cause Spirits and Soundbar, Minneapolis 7/9/12: w/ Kivi and Pray, Pleasure Horse 4/30/12: w/ Caitlin Robertson, Tree Party Club Underground, Minneapolis 4/21/11: w/ The Magnolias 9/10/10: w/ Morosity, Between Two Skies Contented Cow, Northfield 9/30/16: Swallows Corner Coffee, Minneapolis 6/15/12: w/ Emily Villano, Witherspoon Coffee Grounds, Roseville 11/18/11: w/ Aaron Kerr’s Dissonant Creatures, Heavy Pedal Cello, JazZen, The Sleeper Pins Driftwood Char Bar, Minneapolis 9/21/15: w/ Lion’s Mouth, Homebrew 11/9/13: w/ Bloom, Popshot, Bear the Sound 3/30/12: w/ Panda Soup Dunn Bros., Citywalk 5/9/09, 3/14/09 Eagles 34, Minneapolis 5/26/17: w/ Sarah Streitz, Charlie Doesn’t Surf Ed’s (No Name) Bar, Winona 4/20/13: Midwest Music Festival Eclipse Records, St. Paul 9/26/08: w/ Semiconductor Orchestra, The Sleeper Pins Fine Line Music Cafe, Minneapolis 8/21/10: w/ Boiled in Lead, Jezebel Jones First Avenue – 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis 7/30/12: w/ Midtown Dickens 5/23/12: w/ Sally Ford & The Sound Outside 8/10/11: w/ Jezebel Jones, Cantankerous Folk, El Le Faunt & His Traveling Circus The 400 Bar, Minneapolis 10/23/08: w/ Union Shakedown The 501 Club, Minneapolis 3/12/10: w/ Beller, Jezebel Jones & Her Wicked Ways Harriet Brewing’s Tap Room, Minneapolis 10/23/15: J. Briozo 9/26/15: Rauchfest V 9/18/15: w/ Goodbye Sun, JW Schuller 8/30/14: w/ James Loney’s Lolo’s Ghost, Sonic Bouquet, Elizabeth Ghandour 4/12/14: w/ Michael Ray and the Nasty Notes, Mad Margaret Hymie’s Vintage Records, St. Paul 10/18/12 7/24/11 KARE 11 TV – Showcase Minnesota program, Minneapolis 9/9/10 KFAI Ultimate Contact Show, Minneapolis KFAI – Live from Studio 5! 8/26/15: w/ Jezebel Jones, Blood Brother (Philip Westfall) KVSC Radio/UTVS TV – Monday Night Live, St. Cloud 9/20/10 Lee’s Liquor Lounge, Minneapolis 2/20/14: w/ Michael Ray and the Nasty Notes (album release), Mad Margaret Mayslacks, Minneapolis 6/20/15: No other acts Mad Ripple Hootenanny @ Harriet Brewing’s Tap Room, Minneapolis 7/16/15: w/Jim Walsh, Jeaneen Gauthier, Brian Drake, The Frye (Joe Tougas and Ann Rosenquist Fee) 5/29/14: w/Jim Walsh, Erik W. Koskinen, Ashleigh Still, Jeff Crandall, and Miss Becky Kapell The Nicollet, Minneapolis 8/21/14: w/ David Ullman Nomad World Pub, Minneapolis 8/23/15: w/ Jezebel Jones, Philip Westfall (Blood Brother) Minnesota BreastFest 9/10/11: w/ Danger Ronnie, Savannah Smith, Love Out Loud 9/7/13: w/ Rocket Club, Herman Jones, Free and Easy, Preston Gunderson 9/6/14: w/ Preston Gunderson, Black River Revue, Moose Knuckle Bros., Free and Easy 9/18/15 w/ James Loney’s Lolo’s Ghost, The Not Guilty Band, Chris Hawkey Palmer’s Bar, Minneapolis 11/7/12: w/ 50 Foot Canoe The PourHouse, Minneapolis 11/7/12: w/ Kevin Bowe, The Silver City Millers, John Kargol Red Barn Sessions, Forest Lake 8/20/13: Red Barn Hootenanny 8/9/14: w/ Ian and Randy Gildersleeve 8/23/14: Red Barn Hootenanny Redstar Lounge, Duluth 1/31/14: w/ American Rebels Reverie Cafe + Bar, Minneapolis 5/10/17: w/ Jezebel Jones, The April Fools Saint Paul Winter Carnival 1/23/15: Rice Park Stage 1/24/14: Rice Park Stage Station 4, St. Paul 2010: Get Your Rock On Music Festival Stone Arch Bridge Festival, Minneapolis 6/20/15: Star Tribune Stage 6/14/14: Star Tribune Stage 331 Club, Minneapolis 5/7/15: w/ Megonia 9/29/16: w/ Beneath the Crow The Tavern, Northfield 10/31/14: w/ Michael Ray & The Nasty Notes The Terminal Bar, Minneapolis 3/13/10: w/ The Sleeper Pins, The Straight Shots 8/1/08: w/ Wallace Wylie, Swimmer Triple Rock Social Club, Minneapolis 8/9/12: w/ The Kopecky Family Band Turf Club, St. Paul 12/4/12: w/ Mary Bue, Nikki Becker 7/27/17: w/ Slim Cessna’s Auto Club 3/19/18: w/ Shawn James Underground Music Cafe 10/14/18: w/ Layers&Layers, Teach Me Equals Whiskey Junction, Minneapolis 9/24/17: w/ Lolo’s Ghost 12/10/17: w/ Jezebel Jones, Counterfeit Democracy The White Horse Saloon, St. Cloud 10/16/10: w/ Jezebel Jones, The Sleeper Pins 7/30/09: w/ The Sleeper Pins Wild Tymes Palace Stage, St. Paul 3/30/12: w/ Steve Sullivan & The Factory, Domestic House Cats 10/28/11: w/ Gaia Groove, Bruce McLaughlin, Climbing Trees 6/24/11: w/ Jezebel Jones, Megonia, Paladin Road 3/4/11: w/ Tanya Brody, The Dregs 12/18/10: w/ Poosa, Jezebel Jones & Jenny Cases, Snaps, James Loney 10/22/10: w/ Bob Nordquist & The Intangibles, Wild Bill and the Arkanauts


The Record Bar 7/28/09: Aaron Kerr’s Dissonant Creatures


Louis Bar, Omaha 10/2/13: w/ One Eye White, Full Service 10/13/12: 5th Annual Zombie Walk Mick’s, Omaha

South Dakota

Latitude 44, Sioux Falls 10/4/13: w/ Condor, Doktor Barkey


Acoustic Cafe, Menomonie 11/8/13 The Art Bar, Milwaukee 10/10/12: w/ The Sleeper Pins 10/8/11: w/ The Sleeper Pins Bremen Cafe, Milwaukee 7/29/11: w/ The Sleeper Pins 5/9/11: w/ The Sleeper Pins Best Buy, Milwaukee Carolyn’s Coffee Connection, Kenosha The Down & Over Pub, Milwaukee 3/29/14: Battle of the Bands Fire on Water, Milwaukee 10/12/18: w/ Layers&Layers, Dear Karma The Frequency, Madison 7/26/09: The Sleeper Pins, Aaron Kerr’s Dissonant Creatures Igloo Black, Milwaukee 6/6/15: Tyson Allison, Vein Rays 11/7/15: Tyson Allison, Nathan Honore 8/20/16: Tyson Allison, Jezebel Jones, Leigh Gregory McAuliffe’s On the Square, Racine 7/30/11: w/ The Sleeper Pins 10/15/10: w/ The Sleeper Pins Paulie’s Pub, Milwaukee 10/13/18: w/ Matt Davies, Wise Jennings Route 20 Outhouse, Sturtevant 10/3/14: w/ Old Brown Shoes, Saturday Night Preachers, Matt and Betsy Saloon on Calhoun, Milwaukee 10/11/18: Amplified artist sessions Up and Under Pub 9/29/13: w/ Lisa Ridgely and The Fainting Room, WORK, Stone Soul Foundation Yardarm, Racine 9/3/11: w/ The Sleeper Pins

Radio playing Swallows

Over 150 stations in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Australia have played songs from Witching & Divining. The album has charted in the CMJ Top 30 on several stations for multiple weeks (see top charting positions at each station below). Support all of these stations! KTCZ 97.1 FM (Cities 97) Minneapolis, MN KCMP 89.3 FM (The Current) St. Paul, MN 2ser 107.3 Sydney, Australia Aggie Radio Logan, UT AltRock Atlantic City, NJ BearCast Cincinnati, OH Celtica Radio South Wales, UK CFRE Mississauga, ON CHMR St. Johns, NF CHUO Ottawa, ON CKUA Edmundton, AB CKXU Lethbridge, Alberta (#5 Earshot!) CILU Thunder Bay, ON CJSR Edmundton, AB CJSW Calgary, AB CSCR Scarborough, ON Grafitti Wilmington, DE KAMP Tucson, AZ KANM College Station, TX KAOS Olympia, WA KBBI Homer, AK (#5 CMJ Top 30) KBVR Corvalis, OR KCSS Turlock, CA KCSU Fort Collins, CO KDHX St. Louis, MO KDNK Carbnodale, CO KDWG Dillon, MT KEOL La Grande, OR KEUL Girdwood, AK KFAI Minneapolis, MN KGAR Lemoore, CA (#4 CMJ Top 30) KGNU Boulder, CO KHNS Haines, AK KJHK Lawrence, KS KKCR Hanalei, HI KLCZ Lewiston, ID (#3 CMJ Top 30) KLPI Ruston, LA KMNR Rolla, MO KMUD Redway, CA KMSU Mankato, MN KNDS Fargo, ND KOPN Columbia, MO KOTO Telluride, CO KPUR Forest Grove, OR KQAL Winona, MN KRNL Mt. Vernon, IA KRNU Lincoln, NE KRVS Lafayette, LA KSCL Shreveport, LA KSSU Sacramento, CA KSYM San Antonio, TX KTCV Kennewick, WA (#1 CMJ Top 30) KTSW San Marcos, TX KTUH Honolulu, HI KUCI Irvine, CA (#19 CMJ Top 30 ) KUGS Bellingham, WA KUMM Morris, MN KUNI Cedar Falls, IA KUST Minneapolis, MN KUWS Superior, WI KVMR Nevada City, CA KVSC St. Cloud, MN KWCR Ogden, UT KWLC Decorah, IA KWTS Canyon, TX KWVA Eugene, OR KZMU Moab, UT Radio UTD Richardson, TX WAIH Potsdam, NY WAKE Winston-Salem, NC WAMH Amherst, MA WARC Meadville, PA WASU Boone, NC WBJB Adelphia, NJ WBNY Buffalo, NY WBSR Providence, RI WCCS Norton, MA WCHC Worcester, MA WCNI New London, CT (#23 CMJ Top 30) WCUR West Chester, PA WCVM Morrisville, NY WCWM Williamsburg, VA WDWN Auburn, NY WECI Richmond, IN WEFT Champaign, IL WERU East Orland, ME WESS E. Stroudsburg, PA WESU Middleton, CT WFDU Teaneck, NJ WFHU Henderson, TN WGLS Glassboro, NJ WGSU Geneseo, NY WHFR Dearborn MI WHUS Storrs, CT WICB Ithaca, NY WIDB Carbondale IL WIDR Kalamazoo, MI WIIT Chicago, IL WIPZ Kenosha, WI WITR Rochester, NY WIUX Bloomington, IN (#19 CMJ Top 30) WIXQ Millersville, PA WJCU University Heights, OH WKKL Barnstable, MA WKNC Raleigh NC WLCA Godfrey, IL WLFR Galloway, NJ (#5 CMJ Top 30 ) WLJS Jacksonville, AL (#12 CMJ Top 30) WLTL La Grange, IL WLUR Lexington, VA WLVR Bethlehem, PA WMCO New Concord, OH WMCX West Long Branch, NJ WMEB Orono, ME WMHB Waterville, ME WMHW Mt. Pleasant, MI WMPG Portland, ME WMSC Upper Montclair, NJ WMSE Milwaukee, WI WMUA Amherst, MA WMUR Milwaukee, WI WMVL Park Purchase, NY ( #22 CMJ Top 30) WNHU West Haven, CT WNIA Rocky Mount, NC WNJR Washington, PA WNSU Fort Lauderdale, FL WNYO Oswego, NY (#5 CMJ Top 30) WODU Norfolk, VA WOJB Hayward, WI WOUB Athens, OH WOZQ Northampton, MA WPPJ Pittsburgh, PA WPRK Winter Park, FL WPTS Pittsburgh, PA WRCU Hamilton, NY WRDP Chicago, IL WRFL Lexington, KY WRHU Hempstead, NY WRKC Wilkes-Barre, PA WRNC Ashland, WI WRPI Troy, NY WRST Oshkosh, WI WRTC Hartford, CT WRUR Rochester, NY WRUW Cleveland, OH WSBU St. Bonaventure, NY WSIA Staten Island, NY WSIN New Haven, CT WSKB Westfield, MA WTCC Springfield, MA (#28 CMJ Top 30) WUSC Columbia, SC WUSR Scranton, PA WVAU Washington, DC WVMW Scranton, PA WVUA Tuscaloosa, AL WWHR Bowling Green, KY WWUH West Hartford, CT WWVU Morgantown, WV WXLV Schneckville, PA WXOU Rochester, MI WVYC York, PA (#28 CMJ Top 30)

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