Swallows DIY 360 at the Institute of Production and Recording

Swallows recently took a trip down to the Institute of Production and Recording (IPR) in Minneapolis where we got a chance to talk with Kevin Bowe and IPR students about the band, recording, touring, songwriting, etc. This segment includes three live performances. DIY 360 is a recurring event at IPR hosted by Kevin Bowe. The goal is to introduce students to professionals in the field who have been successful, frequently by adapting to changes in the business where they make use of multiple skill sets. Guests share information about their careers, their philosophies about professionalism and their art. Guests often give advice to budding artists, entertainment business professionals, producers and engineers. DIY 360 is an opportunity for students to network with those working in the field and with each other as they work toward career success. If you’d like to request more information about IPR visit here: http://www.ipr.edu.

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