LOCATION: Walworth, London Borough of Southwark

I know why you’re here
The meaning is all too clear
A willing mind to hear
Your demonic desires

I’m not filled with hate
An empty soul to take
To hang on a string as bait
When the behemoth calls

You sense my fear
That’s how you found me here
My weakness becomes your spear
The guilty will fall

The deal’s been made
It’s etched on your stony grave
Witness becomes the slave
To pay for it all

My eyes can see
The beauty in front of me
Bereft of divinity
Can’t deny you at all

We’ve become the same
One mind in a ruthless game
For this I will surely hang
To pay for it all

Hear me out
Why won’t you hear me out?
I can’t stand and fight
With whispers and moans

It’s all mixed up
It’s all mixed up
It’s all mixed up

©2013 Crandall