Lyrics: High Water

©2010 Crandall Drowning man High water Hard winds Blind rain I don’t know why I won’t lend a hand I don’t know why Red clay Cracked broken River Dry dust bone The sweat on my fingers Sucked up by the noon sun The fields lie fallow River – dry dust bone Sky bleeds Redemption Hard…

Lyrics: Brigid’s Cross

©2012 Crandall Good heart of charity Bring us plenty in time of need Shine on, burn bright Fiery arrow, bring death to life Cure this barren sea Forge and anvil New birth come spring Long shadow, time of strife Milk mother pours when well runs dry Rise up Precious light Shine on Tonight Warm hearth…

Lyrics: Witching & Divining

©2012 Crandall Kickin’ at the stones waitin’ on you Gnawin’ on the earth waitin’ on you Witchin’ a new well waitin’ on you I’ve been waitin’ on you Waitin’ on, waitin’ on, waitin’ on you Waitin’ on, waitin’ on, waitin’ on you Waitin’ on, waitin’ on, waitin’ on you Sweet Lara, I’ve been waitin’ on…

Lyrics: Rattle Them Bones

©2010 Crandall Sleep, lay thee down to sleep Cover your ears The wild men out prowling Tonight, the full moon is bright The Harvest Home come It’s time for rejoicing So, don’t let them break down the door Don’t let them rattle them bones Tonight, old bogies will haunt The vineyards will flow The demons…

Lyrics: The Winnowing

©2012 Crandall Spread a perch of rope Half the length with stone Tie a whipping knot Bind sinew and bone Go into the fields Search through bog and knoll Find a pleasing lamb For the offering pole High, high, high, love High, high, high High, high, high Let the ashes fly High, high, high, love…

Lyrics: Long Long Shadow

©2012 Crandall Hold head up high Give praise to the sky Toil be done We wait for the sun We work under long, long shadow Hope for the light Turn back the night Hope for the light Turn back the night We sleep under long, long shadow Sang that sweet song Of a valley wandered…

The Ascetic (LIVE)

Swallows performing “The Ascetic” at The Elbo Room in Chicago on 10-11-12 during their Fall 2012 Witching & Divining tour.

Folsom Prison Blues (LIVE)

Minnesota’s Swallows performing Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues” at the Elbo Room in Chicago on October 11, 2012 during their Fall 2012 Witching & Divining tour.

Long Long Shadow (LIVE)

Long Long Shadow by Swallows (Live at First Ave. 7th Street Entry)

Poster: 7th Street Entry (8/10/11)

Poster for August 10, 2011 show at 7th Street Entry with Jezebel Jones, Swallows, Cantankerous Folk and El Le Faunt and His Traveling Circus.

Video: Come to Me

Music video for “Come to Me,” the first release from the debut Swallows’ album “Songs for Strippers (and other professions).” The video features a montage of footage from silent films (particularly from Dziga Vertov’s “Man With A Movie Camera” and the Salvador Dali­ and Luis Buñuel surrealist film “Un Chien Andalou”), stag films, film noir,…

Video: Medusa

Video for a 2010 demo version of the song “Medusa.”

Come to Me (LIVE)

Swallows performing the song “Come to Me” on St. Cloud State University radio and television’s Monday Night Live program in St. Cloud, Minnesota on September 20, 2010.